Web Design is a broad term that encompasses a number of tasks and steps on the way to making a website.

Most obviously, Web Design means creating a visual good look and feel of a website. But the term covers other important tasks as well. The navigation and pages must be structured logically and elegantly. The user’s experience can be designed beyond simple visuals, with interactivity. And the entire design must be documented and quantified in ways that allow developers to understand and implement it.

Adam offers every stage of the web design process:


Wireframes are a way of laying out the divisions (divs) on a web page. The different sections on a single page need to be arranged in a logical and visually appealing way. They also need to be usable and to not surprise users. Adam is well versed in the popular 960 pixel grid system and other grid systems.

Wireframes are made for both the full-width and mobile versions of web pages.

Visual designs

While wireframes are generally done in grayscale, visual designs are drawn up in full color. They are meant to act like a screenshot someone would have taken while visiting the website. Visual Designs are perhaps the most artistic step in the web design process. They require and allow the most aesthetic acumen.

Visual specification

Visual specifications are a collection of information about the visual designs. They include color hex codes and possibly PMS codes, any image files used, typography specifications and sizes, and possibly gutter measurements.

Visual design specifications are used by a coder/developer to produce the CSS and other aspects of the code. They are directly put into practice to implement the design when it’s time to write the site.

Red lines

Red lines are versions of a visual design, or in some cases wireframes, that include all possible measurements. Developers then use these measurements to implement the CSS code for the website. They directly inform CSS properties such as margins, font size and padding. Though these numbers will often change during implementation, they are a crucial starting point for the CSS.