New Website! The Royal Room

Behold my latest website build, This project was a WordPress port, using a pre-written theme and adding a couple hundred lines of CSS styling. The site was redesigned in the course of the WP conversion, with all new architecture, menus, a calendar function and mostly new copy text.

This site actually launched in July, but there was a sticking point in obtaining an SSL certificate for it. The site still had the domain with a previous host, and it turns out to be a colossal headache to validate everything when that’s the case! Tech support for both the old and current host couldn’t even help me half the time, and every attempt to make progress on part the problem required a 48-hour waiting period (or in some cases up to a week!) to see if it was successful. The result was weeks of an insecure live site, but it’s solid now.

The back end of the internet is a complicated place.


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